For your demanding and critical operations, only the best is good enough!
Evotec has the most compact winch and handling solutions in the market, enabling a better work-platform for all onboard. The handling system can be integrated to a more integrated solution with fish finding sensors, and together with our automation system and handling system all in all making the operation more efficient and with better economy for the end users. The installation cost with our unique motor and drive solution(SRPM) reduces installation time and cuts cost on cabling, with much less yard installation than any other in this segment. With our tension control in our automation system, you will explore a new era within towing, that has the most “soft system” within electric drive solutions.

Take contact with us and we will together with you design and deliver the most efficient and robust fishery handling system in the market, enabling a better operation performance, and with the most compact high end handling system in the world.